Billy Mays


I’m taking a break from celeb bashing to remember someone I think was a genuine good guy.  Billy Mays reminded me of a blue collar guy who worked hard and and got to the top of his profession.  He’s not artificial like Michael Jackson or so many other celebs.  And yet between M.J. and Farrah there really has not been much ink about  Billy.  So let me just say I think  that Billy Mays was the genuine article and and tribute to what hard work can really do for someone.

Rest in peace

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Michael Jackson Revisited

SO this post isn’t to really ridicule Michael Jackson, just to clear some things up.  There seems to be this public outcry for support and all these people saying how much they loved Michael Jackson.  Where we these people when he was being pounded by accusations of child molestation and whatever else has been said about him over recent years?  The bottom line is Michael Jackson was not a hero, or someone to be looked up to.  He was someone who was alarmingly tucked away in his own world and clearly had some issues.  Just look at what he did to himself physically.  Forget the “so called” skin disease… he butchered his face!!!  And I’m sure we will come to find out that prescription drugs played a hand in his death.  This is what happens when someones disturbing abnormalities are enabled by his friends, family, and all those others around him.

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Lisa Rinna


Here we go again.  Another case of a one time gorgeous celebrity going to far with the fakeness.  Now I know some of you will say that Lisa Rinna looks good and blah blah blah!!  Take a closer look and you’ll see that this is becoming a freak show.  And what is with those lips!!!  I believe NASA is testing them to see if their is intelligent life on them.  Bottom line…. celebrities just don’t know when to stop.  Instead of Lisa Rinna gracefully bowing out of show business, she chose to turn herself into a fun house clown right before our very eyes.

Another hottie bites the dust!!

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Favre!!!

When does this end?  You’ve played almost 20 years Brett… just let it be.  Poor Aaron Rogers has been salivating on the bench for some sweet, sweet playing time, and just when he thinks he’s gonna get some love… you pull this junk.  Its bush-league!!!  Stick with wrangler or levi, or whatever other endorsements you have and learn to step away.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Who cares for Sunday when we got a CAT FIGHT!

Did you hear?!?  Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl, but thats not even the best part. . .wait, wait. . . they named her. . .wait, wait. . .SUNDAY!!!  Isn’t that fabulous!  Who da. . Who da. . .Excuse me, let me clear my throat. . .WHO THE F-CARES!!!

Let’s get to the real news. . .

It’s about to be a GIRL FIGHT!  In one corner we have Jesscia Simpson, wearing the big breast and blonde hair, and in the other corner we have Pam Anderson, also wearing the big breast and blonde hair.  Ding, Ding.  Pam took the first punch and boy did it hurt Jesscia.  In response to Jessica’s shirt, “Real Girls Eat Meat”, which is a stab at Tony Romo’s ex, Carrie Underwood, Pam called Jesscia a “Bitch and a whore” all in one sentence for her shananingens.  In boxing terms that a jab to the nose and a right hook. 

Round 1 goes to Pam, with 3 judges scoring it 10-7.  Jesscia better ice-up and vaseline that pretty little face of hers to battle the “Baywatch Babe”.  Hopefully we shall see Round 2 very shortly.

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McConaughey Has A Baby!!!

We have it first ladies and gents. Hot of the presses are the first photos of Mathew McConaughey’s new baby boy (Well not really… but we can dream can’t we?). I think he takes after his daddy!!! I mean, I don’t think I have ever seen Mathew with his shirt on, and it looks like the baby is following in his daddy’s footsteps. Maybe one day, just one day, I can flip through a people magazine and not see pictures of McConaughey doing push-ups or half naked. Anyway… I wish you no luck or congratulations… jerk!!!

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