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Polls Are Now Closed

That’s it everyone, the polls are closed.  Will it be big Jack Nicholson, even bigger Marlon Brando, or Burt leather-face Reynolds??  Stay tuned for the results, and this weeks Wall of Shame candidate.


Chupacabra’s Survival Tip


Ok babies listen up.  NEVER use public restrooms when you have to take a poo!!  They are a breeding ground for disease and stray poop.  If you really have to go, do the right thing and dump in your pants.  If you happen to be one of those people that has no problem dumping in a strange toilet, leave your name and address so I can promptly eat your face.  Pee, on the other hand is acceptable and, in fact, encouraged!!!  

P.S.  Don’t forget to vote… and remember…. Never cross the Chupacabra!!! 

Voting time

Ok people, its time to vote again. You know the drill; 3 more people who we think have hit the wall in one way or another. This week we have Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, and Burt Reynolds. Take a look at each of the posts, and tell us by your votes who you think hit da wall by going into the voting page. You have until Saturday night.

Jack Nicholson


Hey everyone, its Hungry Hungry Hippo!!! Its race, its a chase hurry up Jack and feed your face!!! Its hard to criticize the man because he is still getting laid a whole damn lot and is definitely a talented actor. But come on Jack, have a salad or drink some water. F*ck at least go for a walk man, you dont even have to run! 

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Marlon Brando

Holy pound cake Batman!!!  Marlon Brando, you were something special.  At one time, you were one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  You had it all, but you always shied away from the spotlight.  But you never shied away from a good meal, did you?  Oh how you loved to eat you little piglet.  We applaud you Marlon Brando, for going from a chiseled, vibrant, good looking man, to the obese, hard to look at, ball of flesh you had become.  You ate yourself right into the wall, congratulations!!!

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Burt Reynolds

Pull a little back here,  some over there, a clip clip snip…and we have Burt Reynolds. Why Burt? Damn you. You out ran the cannon ball and headed straight for the wall and for that we thank you.

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The winner is…


This is gonna to be tough to hear for a lot of people out there, but Grease is not the word for John Travolta anymore. According to the votes, Mr. Travolta has officially hit da wall this week. Keith Richards held his own and made it another close vote, but the train wreck that was once Danny Zuko was too much to defeat. Not even a phone call from Mr. Kotter himself could have saved John Travolta from smacking head on into da wall.