Michael Jackson



Come one come all MJ F’d his S**t up & done hit da wall

(Images courtesy of http://www2c.airnet.ne.jp/stevie/MICHAEL%20JACKSON/OFF%20THE%20WALL.jpg & http://www.vintagepostcards.org/blog/michael-jackson-mugshot.jpg)


4 responses to “Michael Jackson

  1. the 2 picture of him is funny

  2. Hannah Montana

    He was already completely artificial.

  3. you can go too hell m f er michael is and alway will be a very fine looking man.you are just mad because you don’t have good looks like him so stop putting him down.he was fine looking and even now be four he died .a very nice looking man in his 50’s we’ll miss you michael.love pammie

  4. yea blad wasup

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