Richard Grieco


Poor Richard Grieco!!!  He had it made… stunning good looks, and a budding movie career.  And now… well your career sank faster than the Titanic… (too soon?), not to mention the fact that you look like your on a hunger strike.  EAT SOMETHING….. PLEASE!!!!!  A cracker, bagel, a bowl of soup, anything.  He has gone from a sex symbol to looking like the Grim Reaper himself.  Richard Grieco…. you disappoint me!!!

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17 responses to “Richard Grieco

  1. But, what happened to him? , Always he was handsome, strong, like tiger, I I died for him by during years, until I painted a mural of him in my room, and collected everything of him. When one went away to live to Hawaii, no longer tapeworm the news of him. And now he is seen, very thin and very old, I thought that it would be like Richard Gere, it enters older, more delicious, please, recovers your image Richard.

  2. Wow. it’s his nose job that makes him look so horrible. He had a nose job and didn’t even need one, looked much better at left. he looks so very weird now. I wonder if it’s due to cheekbone implants that migrated? Definitely drugs he was with that druggie yasmeen bleach.

  3. Wrong answer ! I met Rick and he looked wonderful! I don’t know who you people are seeing! I live in his hometown! Love Ya Rick!

  4. otimo ator

  5. Well I remember him playing on the tv series booker in greece like hmmm 20 years ago and on 21 jump street and I was such a big fan of him and yeah i was not missing a single episode even when the tv was showing the same episodes of him again and again. I have decided to google on him after like hmm 8 years to see him and oh my god I was shocked….Where has gone his beauty? Why is he so skinny….? Or he is deep in to drugs or he suffers from a dease. I wish he is only in to drugs because all the stars are tottaly addicted. Where has gone your beauty Richard??? You were a sex symbol protype for everysingle young man

  6. I think he already appeared to have had a nose job earlier in his career. Now he’s gotten a second which makes his nose way too small for his face.

  7. Jessica Tran-Muniz

    “Fanny” what the heck did you say? Your English is not very good. sorry. Anyway, Richard was fine but he obviously had a lot of cosmetic surgery.

  8. i just finished watching this nights at roxbury! i cant believe what he looks like now.

  9. Who the hell are you to judge anyone? You all are quite shallow. I am sorry I even read your comments, It really does not matter, but I wonder how you all look like? Hmmn…obviously, you lack respect, heart and brains!

  10. First of all he is 46 or 47 now..not in his early 20’s. I went to my 20 year class reunion expecting to see all the girls that were HOT when we were in school in the early 80’s and I was shocked! Most of the ‘ugly girls’ were gorgeous and thin, but almost every popular girl that was a cheerleader or on drill team were at least 200 pounds and looked NOTHING like they did. If someone looks hot at 18…and they still are at 38 then it is rare! Most all the ones that got huge said they couldn’t lose their weight from having babies….sure you can, don’t eat that candy bar! Work-out! But it is much easier too blame the babies! lol

  11. Also….if you notice in the pic on the left of him younger, he is stoned! Another reason he aged fast. Alcohol makes you age rough! Trust me on that, I aged 15 years in 5 while I was drinking heavy. I am 45 and people guess 55 or older, yet my identical twin brother never has drank and he looks a lot younger than me.

  12. OMG- Was Rick not the HOTTEST thing in THE MOBSTERS?
    Sweet dreams

  13. i hope u do good in you sing care were

  14. i hope we will get to meet one day in person

  15. evenu shalom alerem


  16. EVENOU SHALOM ALERHEM, it’s for Richard Grieco



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