Marlon Brando

Holy pound cake Batman!!!  Marlon Brando, you were something special.  At one time, you were one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  You had it all, but you always shied away from the spotlight.  But you never shied away from a good meal, did you?  Oh how you loved to eat you little piglet.  We applaud you Marlon Brando, for going from a chiseled, vibrant, good looking man, to the obese, hard to look at, ball of flesh you had become.  You ate yourself right into the wall, congratulations!!!

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3 responses to “Marlon Brando

  1. Whoa man…homeboy looks like that jewish prime minister, ariel sharon


  3. Jesus man, you’re really dumbdumbdumb as shit. Dumber, actually. Marlon Brando, in whatever age, was a symbol for male charm.
    Jesus, you’re dumb.

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