Michael Jackson & Britney Spears




We defintely have some first ballot Wall of Shamers here so lets get it going. Our first 2 winners in September were a couple of popstars who dove head first into da wall. Now we have our opinion on who belongs in The Wall, but its not up to us. The final decision is always left up to the voters, so make sure you vote as many times as you want. We will post the other 2 winners from September tomorrow and then voting opens Thursday morning.

(Images courtesy of http://www.gorgeousstars.com/Females/BSpears/Britney%20Spears/britney_spears1_300_400.jpg & http://canthelpmyself.wordpress.com/2007/09/03/the-tart-of-tarts-britney-spears)

(Images courtesy of http://www2c.airnet.ne.jp/stevie/MICHAEL%20JACKSON/OFF%20THE%20WALL.jpg & http://www.vintagepostcards.org/blog/michael-jackson-mugshot.jpg)


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