Sally Kirkland


Oh my goodness gracious… you look hideous Sally!!!  I understand people get old, but from the looks of it you slammed into the wall at about 350mph.  Apparently your skin is morphing into some sort of gelatin like mush.  As a matter of fact, your looking like some kind of science fiction monster.  In the name of all that is good and pure, stop going out in public… YOUR SCARY!!!  Oh, and by the way… your neck called and said it misses you and would like to come home. 

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4 responses to “Sally Kirkland

  1. does slime from Ghostbusters ring a bell for anyone when they look at this picture

  2. It’s sickening how right you are. Slimer may be a bit sexier though!!!

  3. I’d like to see all of you when you’re in your late sixties. It’s not the most flattering of pictures, but we’ve all taken horrible pictures before. She’s a beautiful woman and STILL a working actress –– and good one at that.
    You people must be really miserable to post abuse comments such as this towards someone you don’t even know.

  4. Agree with Carla – you people seem to be nothing more than a bunch of shallow nasty idiots. Also, your spelling is appalling.

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