Goldie Hawn


This is just wrong.  WHY GOD WHY?  Goldie Hawn used to be a hot piece, now she is tough just to look at. We heard that there is a casting call for the Wizard of Oz… we didnt think Goldie was looking for a part in it. The skin looks like it is melting off of her face. Who knows, maybe she made a bet with the devil and lost. Either way, this is one of the few times where plastic surgery might be her best option.

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4 responses to “Goldie Hawn

  1. I guess we know where Kate Hudson is headed…she is gonna look just as fugly as her mom when she gets older

  2. Hey, stupid…we all age and well some age more gracefully than others. Have you checked your mirror lately? When your 64 you probably wont look like you did at 20 either….Play nicely

  3. goldie ur still beutiful

  4. goldie i love your movies… you are beautiful…

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