Artie Lange


Somebody get the forklift cause we have a fat one.  Now trust us, we know Artie Lange was no George Clooney, even when he wasn’t morbidly obese… but at least he looked human.  I mean if it doesn’t bother him that he has a weight equivalent to a prehistoric beast then good for him.  We here at hitdawall are proud of this woolly mammoth formerly known as Artie Lange.  To hell with the norms like self respect, health, or self control… just keep on eating till your face and body get their own zip codes.  So thanks Artie Lange, for being so fat that it looks like breathing is a chore for you.

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2 responses to “Artie Lange

  1. It actually looks like his gut is going to explode. Someone tell this guy he’s FAT.

  2. beer league? looks more like beer belly. Artie do yourself a favor, take some time off, look in the mirror for 2 days straight and think about what your doing to yourself. Your a good man Artie, but you look awful

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