Chupacabra’s Survival Tip


Never send food back at restaurants.  This is ALWAYS a bad idea.  Well, that is unless you enjoy your main course seasoned with urine and feces.  Does that sound appetizing?  Who care if your steak is well-done instead of medium; at least it’s not infested with human waste.  These restaurant workers have no problem putting all sorts of bodily fluids in your dinner!!!  In other words… they will shit in your dinner!!  Even the brave Chupacabra fears the wrath of kitchen workers.  So do the right thing babies and eat what they give you… even if it’s not exactly what you ordered.  And if you’re ever with someone who sends food back, feed them a knuckle sandwich… with EXTRA knuckle on the side!!!


P.S.  Don’t forget to vote for this week’s contestants.  Just click “Vote” link at the top of the page.  And remember… Never cross the Chupacabra!!!


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