Cory Haim

coryhaimyoung.jpg coreyhaimugly.jpg

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!  Corey did you put foil over your mirrors to protect you from aliens?  Maybe you haven’t left your house in years.  How about your friends and family…any of them around?  I’m trying to figure out why no one told you, but you look like sh@! man.  If I am the first to tell you, you can send me a thank you note later.  Ranked #26 on VH1’s greatest kid stars, #8 on VH1’s greatest teen stars, and now possibly #1 on for the greatest mess of this week. Your career is now complete.

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12 responses to “Cory Haim

  1. He definitely looks like he has been drug free…NOT!

  2. JodieinArizona

    I have and always will Love Cory Haim. He is just a guy hurting and lost. Hang in there ! You do have die hard fans!

  3. blaze turkel

    Do you think you’re vicious rant against Corey contributed to a worsening of his depression and his eventual death? Just sayin…

  4. dumb ass had to go and over dose who is he following now?

  5. i loved cory haim as a kid and felt for him as he struggled to get past child acting and keep a career as an adult.
    WITH THAT SAID…this is to the gentleman who wrote this column….are y doing ok? must be tough on u. i mean wow! i couldnt imagine how bad it must feel to know that the column he may have read just before overdosing could have been your own…glad im not u…he had to live with your negative words splattered about him on the internet now U have to live with his death…wanna right another column about about his ultimate lowest point? u know? i guess he really DID send u a thank u note in the end…sleep on that

  6. No…the douche bag no acomplishment at all ass hat that wrote this has no regrets at all. That’s how “humans” of his caliber behave and that will never change.

  7. the sad part is…ur right…i just felt the need to vent

  8. for those that have commented since 3/10/10 ummmm this article was written THREE years ago people. wake up and read the fine print.

  9. How cruel this world is to live in, all you bloggers that have nothing better to do but put people down. He died. The poor guy struggled with drugs all his life and you all have to talk about his weight and what he looks like now. I feel sorry for your own life; I bet you all have sorry @$$ lives. Do not judge unless you are ready to be judge.


  11. really?
    I am no different than corey was
    I ll be leaving very soon myself as I cannot calm my depression at all or the daily drinks (I mean meds) I take just to mask the pain I can no longer endure.


  12. Cory was such an awesome child actor. In the side by side images above, it is easy to see how Hollywood is a real bitch to work in. I watched all of his movies and loved them all. RIP Cory, you left behind a true fan. Always.

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