Kathleen Turner


Wow!! This is something else. We here at hitdawall.com have seen our share of beauties gone bad, but this one is possibly the worst yet. Kathleen Turner has apparently decided to not focus on her appearance at all anymore. This may be a good career move, because we have heard that she is going to be casted as Shrek in the new live action movie version of the animated blockbusters. And boy, does she have the voice to do it. Has anyone heard her talk lately? She has a deeper voice than Barry White. I just can’t believe what she has done to herself. So here’s to the one-time hotty who decided to transform herself into an ogre. Thanks Kathleen Turner!!!

(Images courtesy of http://eightiesclub.tripod.com/7a3b8f20.jpg & http://blogs.phillyburbs.com/blog.php?p=6698&cat=10)


41 responses to “Kathleen Turner

  1. Have you ever thought about the fact that perhaps she’s ill and on medicine? Heard she has about one operation per year for an auto immune disease.

  2. Kathleen Turner suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since 1992. Although it is now in remission, the disease and therapy have taken their toll on her appearance.

    However, she is still the same person.

    The ignorant comments that started this off only go to show how superficial some folk are.

  3. I Absolutly agree with Jack’s comments!!!

  4. Who the hell are YOU to comment on someone’s appearance anyway? Cheap-ass LAME name throwing ‘reporting’ at its very worse. The kind of people that enjoy this stuff – and write it – should be shown up for the sad pathetic individuals they really are. I don’t know what YOU look like Mr/Mrs Reporter, but you sure are one UGLY mo-fo on the inside!

    Get a life!

  5. UGLY AS AN IGNORANT JACKASS CAN BE! Where do you come off saying such awful things about a woman who has been entertaining us for more than 2 decades. Kathleen Turner has one of the worse cases of R.A. that a person can suffer with but it doesn’t stop her from performing and directing and being a great Mom to her daughter. She also delivers meals to the eldery and she can barely walk but you think it’s entertaining to mock a woman who will always be beautiful inside and out. THAT’S PAIN ON HER FACE! Let’s see what YOU look like! Your KARMA is going to suffer badly for what you’re doing. I’d watch my step if I were you!~ You never kinow what’s in store for YOUR HEALTH so if you have a fragment of a brain you should appologize to Kathleen, her fans and all people who suffer from any illness. Oh wait, if you had any brains you would not have posted your jealous comment. YOU’RE NOBODY and always will be. Stuff that in your crack pipe and smoke it! Do your research before you take shots at people. If your not already in one, there’s may be a wheel chair waiting for you in the near future. SHOW YOURSELF! oh wait, you already have and you’re one of the ugliest people on the face of the planet! SCREW U!

  6. I love your sarcasm and sense of humor, keep it up! Happy new year.

  7. I can only wonder in horror what you look like.

  8. kathleen was so beautiful and always will be

  9. A little harsh on Kat I thinnk

  10. kathleen is and will always be a beauty . i was pretty hot at one time my self, but 55 years takes its toll.

  11. I was just watching Jewel of the Nile and forgot how HOT Kathleen Turner used to be. She’s showing some age now, but that happens to the best of us. She was certainly in her prime in the 1980s!

  12. Wow.. there is alot of love for Kathleen Turner. Well for those of you who were offended by this post, we are sorry. Sorry that you must be suffering from blindness. And the person who said Kathleen was beautiful… well we had a good laugh about that!! Keep it up

  13. You would not wish R.A. on anyone. I can attest to the discomfort and side effects of the meds. There are times when you simply can move. I am not sure how this wonderful performer keeps going. She’s great!

  14. I am 51 and have had RA for 3 years and can attest to exactly what has been happening with Ms. Turner. Those steroids (Predinose) taken for RA, usually for first year, ABSOLUTELY cause the bloat. It’s also pretty damn hard to exercize when you can’t move your limbs without pain. “Hit da Wall” should do exactly that, and preferably head first. How old are these people – 12?

  15. Wow. She was beautiful once. I saw her in Marley and Me and wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for her voice. I had to wait to see the credits to make sure it was she. I guess we’re all headed there sooner or later.

  16. Love Kathleens Word

    I can’t believe you would post something as thoughtless and ignorant as these comments. How about you have a seriously deblitating disease, then we post your picture and leT other ignoarant f***s like you comment on it.

    This woman has done more for the entertainment business and people in general than you could ever imagine . . so LAY OFF!!

  17. she was great in the movie serial mom… i hope she gets better… she’s always beautiful to me 🙂

  18. Incredibly stupid website…your subscription numbers tell it all!

  19. Yes, it is definitely true that she has aged, but you don’t know what she’s gone through to get to look that way. It’s not fair for any one to judge her based on how her looks have changed, especially because she’s an actress and has to be in the spot light. Plus why is it that people are so unhappy and bored with themselves that they have to be negative about someone just because she doesn’t look the same as she did, what like 20 years ago. Word of advice, judge yourself before you judge others, and then think about how many issues you really have. Stop being so shallow and understand that people can be physically unattractive, but have the most beautiful soul, which makes them beautiful.

  20. phew….U are terrible. People are who they are and what they do. What you do tells all little ones. It really does. As stated, your karma’s have suffered greatly from this one.

    You say you are sorry, but you arent’. Keep up the terrible work and hopefully the pain will also come your way.

    I suppose you would say the same about Farah.

    I am sure you are 12.


  22. I still think she’s beautiful on the more recent photo.

    This is what happens to people when they grow older. At least she didn’t grow a plastic face like some other celebrities.

  23. pastaman999

    I didn’t post about KT when I saw her pic here, but I did show others and we all made fun.

    I then read about her RA and now feel bad about what I said. I was wrong and selfish. I apologize.

  24. i dont think she hit the wall not at all it looks like the wall fell on her!

  25. compared to her voice she is still attractive

  26. It is a scary world that we live in when people are not even allowed to grow old without eliciting rude comments from jerks like you. It is called discrimination. It is nasty and inappropriate. Hope that you age as well as she has aged.

  27. I Strongly agree with Deb posted on December 24, 2008. I met Kathleen in person in 1993. You could not find a better loving person than she. She is caring, loving and genuine with a heart of GOLD! Mike

  28. This post is cruel ,superficial, and ignorant.
    Kathleen Turner suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and must take prednisone, which often makes people look puffier and bloated.

    Perhaps you should think about who you slam in your posts. She has suffered,

  29. A) People, lighten up.
    B) Now she’s ugly.
    C) These people are fair game after they have made millions for themselves off their prettiness. Hollywood lords it over the rest of the normal looking world and suffers no flaws of any kind. Kathllen Turner has done so much for the entertainment world? Yes, the poor entertainment world, what would we do without her. Give me a break. I think Kathleen’s going to be okay without my sympathy.

  30. She is clearly one ugly mama. I have RA, the pred. action, methotrex. as well, and If I look like that, stick a bag over my head. As for those griping, get a freakin life and enjoy the blog – and don’t take things so seriously. It is a funny picture. I would say she used pumice on her face daily, numerous times to look like that. Fugly stick!!!

  31. She was in her prime (Body Heat) in 1981. Hello that’s 29 years ago! I can’t believe all the people on here that expect her to look the same as she did nearly 30 years ago! Wake up…we all get older.

  32. Eventhough Kathleen Turner is a public figure, she is still a human being with feelings. She is very sick and meds ,aging and pain take their toll. What if somebody were making these comments about your mother, sister or grandmother? Let us not forget God’s golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them done unto you. True beauty comes from within.

  33. she is always a beauty- you shallow people got some bad karma headed your way- we all are getting old you know- just because some go for the plastic surgury doesn’t make them better– come on now-

  34. What a cack site this is designed by 14 year olds. Put some pictures of yourselves up you ugly cunts.

  35. you are obviously a masochist

  36. Wouldn't It Be Funny If All the Shrill Emo Chicks Got Beaten by the Ugly Stick, Themselves... Right Now?

    RA would not explain, I don’t think, Kathleen Turner’s impersonation of Patty and Selma Bouvier. Nor her getting grotesquely fat. In fact, so far as arthritis goes, she might actually lessen the pain if her knees and ankles weren’t carrying around a 250 pound load.

    So, sorry about the RA, Kat, but it’s a disease, not an excuse to let yourself go to shit.

  37. On Sept 9, 2012, I saw Kathleen Turner on C-span discussing planned parenthood. Her voice sounds masculine, and she has let her self go. I mean she is only 58. What happen Kathleen?

  38. It’s not that serious! People are entitled to their opinions. She’s not the siren she once was, but she’s definitely not ugly. I will always appreciate Kathleen Turner for her work as an actress. Let’s not forget, she was
    Jessica Rabbit after all. 😉 It’s unfortunate that she has R.A.

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  40. dat one ugly woman. who da good lookin one?

  41. Thomas Falater

    I met Kathleen at the Farmer’s Market just the other day in Calabasas. She was very nice. Thomas Falater

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