Katie Couric


What, what, what!?!  Are you missing your upper lip?  Are you even the same person?  Well Mrs. Couric I think we finally know why your legs are one of the most widely identified aspects of your on screen persona. . .because your face is hideous!!! I mean, CBS has got to hire some of the best make-up artists in the world to make you even look slightly appealing. You remind me of some kind of evil bunny.  Look at those gums! I bet your looking at a gigantic carrot right now aren’t you? Listen Couric, you need to do something about yourself because I may never watch CBS anymore in fear that I might see that evil bunny face of your again.  Kudos to you Couric. Kudos to you.

 (Images courtesy of http://www.patsyterrell.com/images2/couric-young.jpg &



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