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Voting is now open. This week we posted Kathleen Turner, Cory Haim and Liza Minnelli. Look over this weeks post, make your choice and then click on the vote tab on the top of the page. Remember, you can vote as many times as you want and you have until Sunday afternoon. So if you want to vote 20 times for the fugly Kathleen Turner, go for it. Brooklyn stand up…


Kathleen Turner


Wow!! This is something else. We here at have seen our share of beauties gone bad, but this one is possibly the worst yet. Kathleen Turner has apparently decided to not focus on her appearance at all anymore. This may be a good career move, because we have heard that she is going to be casted as Shrek in the new live action movie version of the animated blockbusters. And boy, does she have the voice to do it. Has anyone heard her talk lately? She has a deeper voice than Barry White. I just can’t believe what she has done to herself. So here’s to the one-time hotty who decided to transform herself into an ogre. Thanks Kathleen Turner!!!

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Oh boy


This pic was submitted by someone who was inspired by the Liza Minnelli posting. I cant tell if its for a wedding or a funeral, but its full of some our favorite fugly people. This has to be the greatest picture ever taken. It should be in a museum or something. And before its asked, the answer is yes…these people breathe the same air as you. King Kong aint got sh*t on us!!!

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Cory Haim

coryhaimyoung.jpg coreyhaimugly.jpg

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!  Corey did you put foil over your mirrors to protect you from aliens?  Maybe you haven’t left your house in years.  How about your friends and family…any of them around?  I’m trying to figure out why no one told you, but you look like sh@! man.  If I am the first to tell you, you can send me a thank you note later.  Ranked #26 on VH1’s greatest kid stars, #8 on VH1’s greatest teen stars, and now possibly #1 on for the greatest mess of this week. Your career is now complete.

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Liza Minnelli


No, No, No, No!!! Although she was never the most beautiful woman in the world, Liza Minnelli used to be something to look at. Not only was she cute, but she could sing and she was RICH (she probably still is)! Back then, she was probably getting a lot of well deserved attention. But now…now its tough to tell if she is even alive anymore. Maybe thats a drag queen in the picture, someones halloween costume or a picture from the wax museum. I am not sure if that animal in the picture injected her with his fugliness, but she has turned into quite the beast. Either way, Liza has earned a standing ovation from us for singing her ass right into da wall. 

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Morph Monday


Welcome to the 2nd edition of Morph Monday.  Since no one was able to get last weeks celebrities I tried to make it a little easier on you puppies.  So guess away. . .hints will be available if need be.

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We have a winner…


For the first time in a long time, Bruce Jenner has actually done something worth talking about. He can consider himself among the elite of the fugly people in this world because he is this weeks winner. He may not be very proud of it in the beginning, but it will grow on him. So congrats Mr. or Mrs. Bruce Jenner…your mother would be proud. OH NO, YOU DIDNT!!!

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