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Amy Winehouse


They asked her to put the weight back on and she said NO, NO, NO!!! Times like this call for drastic measures people. So, we here at Hit Da Wall are willing to help by starting a food drive.  Any canned fruit or vegetables you have laying around should be sent to her ASAP. Apparently she has forgotten what a supermarket is.  You can also send her gift certificates to McDonalds or Burger King.  Please look deep in your hearts to help a rich, famous singer in need.

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Jerry Lewis


Ummmm. . .what? I mean, what can I really say about this monstrosity. Mr. Lewis you once said, “Pity? You don’t want to be pitied because you’re a cripple in a wheelchair? Stay in your house!” Ok, ok, so your not a cripple in a wheelchair, but you are sooooo f-ing fat that you should be ashamed of yourself. Do you even have eyes? I mean, for you to see you probably have to hold down your cheek fat. Jerry, seriously, how many people did you swallow?  3? 5? Listen here Jerry, take your own advice and stay in your house because you are truly a pitiful person. . .and a fat person. . .and a double-chin person. . .and an enormously fat person. . .did I say that you are an extraordinarily fat human being . . .STAY IN YOUR HOUSE and never come out until you drop 100 lbs.

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Farrah Fawcett


This is absolutely amazing.  We are calling for a full-scale investigation to find out if Farrah is still alive.  She may, in fact, be the first living dead ever discovered.  While this may help resurrect her career as the head zombie in “Night of the Living Dead #37 – Farrah’s Revenge,” it makes me dry heave.  You were one of the sexiest women alive… you were one of Charlie’s angel.  But now, father-time has reduced you to a mass of dead tissue.  So the next time you go out looking to feast on the human flesh of the living, maybe spare yourself the embarrasment and order some chinese!!! 

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We have a winner…


Wow…another vote, another blowout. Clearly you guys were impressed by the mess we all know as Kelly Osbourne because the vote was not even close. After taking 90 % of the votes, she was chosen as this weeks winner. We definitely salute Ms Osbourne because all of that money and fame could make her appealing.  

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Morph Monday


Who are these people?!?

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Voting time

This week, the contest is a little different, but you guys still make the decision. We know it will be tough to choose just one, but we want to know who you guys think was born into da wall. Look through this weeks post, and then click on the vote tab. You can vote as many times as you want until Sunday night…

and the morph is . . .


Julia Roberts and Emma Watson!