Chupacabra’s Survival Tip


Never allow Trick or Treaters to ask for more than 1 candy on Halloween.  If you are a kind enough person to answer your door 50 times on Halloween to give candy to these awful children, that should be enough for the mongrels.  If one of these greedy devils says “can I take 2,” there are 3 steps that you should take.

1.  Take out 4 pieces of candy from their bucket as a penalty.

2.  Spit in their candy bucket.

And… 3.  Take a piece of their face so they always remember the cost of their greed.

However… if your like the Chupacabra, all this can be avoided by not answering the damn door!!!  Happy Halloween Babies!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to vote for this weeks hitdawall nominees.


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