Chupacabra’s Survival Tip


Ok babies… with the holidays coming up this is one you should really pay extra attention to.  Never go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  If you are one of those people that makes it a point to do this every year.. shoot yourself in the foot, let the wound fester and rot for 37 days, and hopefully you die a slow and painful death.  The Chupacabra celebrates his Thanksgiving the day after your Thanksgiving.  I give thanks for all the buffoons in the world, pick one mall throughout the world, hunt, kill, and eat one of the idiots shopping on the BUSIEST shopping day ever.  Now that’s a Thanksgiving feast… Chupacabra style.  So don’t be a turkey folks… enjoy your day off and maybe… just maybe you won’t be my Day-After-Turkey-Day feast!!!


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for who you think is this month’s biggest train wreck.  Just click the “vote” link at the top of the page.   


One response to “Chupacabra’s Survival Tip

  1. i am scerd

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