Priscilla Presley


Yesterday was Baby Bear’s roasting…now its time for Momma Bear. Good lord Priscilla! You were a hunka burnin love, and had all the men shook up. Now you are on track to becoming the next cat woman, and making all the men throw up. I have to be honest, its sort of like a traffic accident; I just can’t stop looking. Embrace your age! There is nothing wrong with a little turkey neck. It has to be better than the plastic face you are sporting now. If the King could only see you now.

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5 responses to “Priscilla Presley

  1. leave her alone, she is hot!

  2. I agree, she was so pretty and now she looks like an alien, there it nothing wrong with looking your age, you can still be beautiful that way,

  3. She looks youg, I think that was her main concern really. It isn’t her fault she had a bad Dr.

  4. She looks young, if nothing else. I always liked her, and I feel kinda sorry for her. I just hope she is happy. Whats the matter, momma bear, can’t afford a face life?

  5. Hey, the ‘King’ looked terrible at age 40! Look at pictures of him right before he died and remember his age at the time. He looked much worse than she does even now!

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