Joanie Laurer a.k.a. Chyna


This week we are gonna spice it up a bit.  Instead of the normal celebs who were once good looking and have now hit da wall, this week we will be featuring 3 celebs who were born into da wall.  These people had the unfortunate fate of slamming into the wall right after they exited the womb.  So, with that being said, our first contestant is Chyna.

Can you believe men are actually attracted to her? Its a fact… lets not forget the famous porn video, “One Night in Chyna.”  I still have some throw-up stuck in my teeth from when I saw that.  What could her parents possibly have done that Zeus would punish their child with that kind of face?  If anyone knows her, please ask her to contact us because we would like to make her our spokeswoman.  She managed to go from a man-beast to a killer clown from outer-space.  Ms. Laurer, our hearts go out to thee. By the way, loosie’s, just went up to 65 cents.

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