Farrah Fawcett


This is absolutely amazing.  We are calling for a full-scale investigation to find out if Farrah is still alive.  She may, in fact, be the first living dead ever discovered.  While this may help resurrect her career as the head zombie in “Night of the Living Dead #37 – Farrah’s Revenge,” it makes me dry heave.  You were one of the sexiest women alive… you were one of Charlie’s angel.  But now, father-time has reduced you to a mass of dead tissue.  So the next time you go out looking to feast on the human flesh of the living, maybe spare yourself the embarrasment and order some chinese!!! 

Images courtesy of (http://ogonbat.brinkster.net/arkiv_farrah-poster.jpg & http://media.canada.com/1785a528-bef3-4f04-af39-9312146bfd98/farrah.jpg)


3 responses to “Farrah Fawcett

  1. She was sick… for christ sake!!!

  2. Je trouve commentaire absolument IGNOBLE.
    La pauvre femme souffrait le calvaire j’imagine.
    La chimio etc…
    La morphine a pu la soulager et VOUS vous faites des commentaires qui je souhaite vous serons renvoyés… Je vous souhaite la même chose qu’elle.
    Les stars n’ont-elles pas le droit d’être malades ???
    Et celui qui a laissé ce commentaire QU’IL AILLE AU DIABLE…

  3. i leke her so leave her alone…i love her

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