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Our newest Wall of Shamer is…


Our favorite singer under 80 lbs is having some serious success. I mean, besides the tons of money and a bunch of Grammy nominations, Amy Winehouse can now add the proud accomplishment of Wall of Shamer to her resume. With 80% of the vote, she was this months fuglylicious winner. So congrats Amy! Now all she has to do is realize that as a human, she has to eat to live. Good luck with that!

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Lets get the voting…

Its that time again. This week, its a little more important. You are guys are still deciding, but once again its time for another entry into the Wall of Shame. Check out this weeks posts again, and make your decision. Vote for whomever you want, as many times as you want. We dont give a damn….just make sure you vote! Voting is open until Sunday night.

2nd set of nominees…



 Our 2nd set of nominees are also competing in the Skeletor look alike competition. We are still trying to figure if these 2 are alive anymore, or if they’ve just been propped up with sticks. If you can stomach it, take a look at these pics for Amy Winehouse and Melanie Griffith…RIP Ike Turner

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1st Set of Wall of Shame Nominees – Elvis Presley & Kelly Osbourne



Coming in at a combined weight of 3.2 tons, we have our 1st set of Wall of Shame nominees for the month of November; Elvis “The Burger King” Presley, and Kelly “Goodyear” Osbourne.  Let show them we care, because, as we all know, fat people need love too!!!

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Morph Monday


This is the 9th edition of Morph Monday and there have only been 2 correct answers. This tells me one thing . . . YOU ALL NEED TO STEP IT UP! So fire away guesses.

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And the winner is…


Wow…another blowout this week. In what ended up being another lopsided vote, that 75 year old beast we know as Melanie Griffith ran away from the competition. It seems as though the wrinkled look is not as popular as she thought. That’s probably the reason she doesnt get any movie offers any more. Honestly though, the f*cked up thing is that I used to rub one out to Melanie…now my d*ck goes into hiding when I see her. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

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Get your hate on!

You know the drill people. We posted 3 celebrities who have smacked right into da wall. Now it’s your job to tell us which one hit the hardest. Take a look at this weeks contestants and vote for the celebrity of your choice. Vote as many times as you want, just make sure you vote.