Geena Davis


Alrighty then!!!  There are so many things wrong with poor Geena.  For one she is about 7 feet tall, which was a turn on when she was good looking, but now it’s just plain disturbing.  Number 2, she is probably the palest person I have ever seen.  I mean, step in the sun, put on a bronzer, something!!!  And finally, she is very disturbingly, starting to resemble Jim Carrey.  She managed to achieve the triple crown of ugly; she has the complexion of a glass of milk, is as tall as Shaq, and looks like an uglier version of Jim Carrey, if that’s possible.  Geena Davis, you are truly in a league of your own.

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One response to “Geena Davis

  1. Geena Davis did a compelling job in Commander in Chief and unlike the Martin Sheen effort as president she was authentic, without a crippled agenda, which is blatent in the ever compromising left. Her IQ is off the charts and it shows in her delivery because she understands what she is saying rather than simply a memorized script and what is enriching she does it with humility and void of the elitist drooling drol.

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