Melanie Griffith


Awwww-ful, awww-ful . . . Awwww-ful, awww-ful

Well, it looks like Melanie Griffith has officially lost her battle trying to retain her good looks.  Melanie, you have to be at least 65 year old, right?  What, what, what!  Your 50 years old.  O my goodness, what have you done to yourself.  My grandmother who is 75 look better than you do at 50.  Well, at least your husband, Antonio Banderas, thinks wrinkles are sexy because he’s about the only one. . .Melanie Griffith, you done hit da wall.

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One response to “Melanie Griffith

  1. Aging is a part of life… Why be so hard on people for something they cannot control. Or are you too young to see the reality of life?

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