Our newest Wall of Shamer is…


Our favorite singer under 80 lbs is having some serious success. I mean, besides the tons of money and a bunch of Grammy nominations, Amy Winehouse can now add the proud accomplishment of Wall of Shamer to her resume. With 80% of the vote, she was this months fuglylicious winner. So congrats Amy! Now all she has to do is realize that as a human, she has to eat to live. Good luck with that!

 (Images courtesy of http://www.arenamagazine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/winehouse.jpg)


3 responses to “Our newest Wall of Shamer is…

  1. Gawd you suck! Can’t wait to see what you look like after rehab, old age, plastic surgery, etc. Are you so perfect? No photos of you, I notice… hmm.

    Oh and maybe you should go back to school and learn a thing or two about grammar..

  2. Oh boy… what a little spit-fire you are. You know… your right!!! You have opened our eyes brother. No more bashing celebs because we’re not being sensitive enough for this Cobi fellow.

    C’mon man get it together. Sticking up for “Bones” up there isn’t gonna get you a date with her. Mellow out and have a sangwhich, if not for yourself… do it for her…

    BTW… check out the team link for our pics.

    Peace baby!!!

  3. oy vey, she lookz like she’z been in zer hollowhoax!!!

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