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Mickey Rourke


From boxer to actor, back to boxer, back to actor.  Mickey, you should have stayed in boxing your own life cause then, maybe, you would have gotten crippled and you would have prevented yourself from looking like this.  Seriously, Mickey, what have you done to yourself.  Please do me a favor . . . please recommend your doctor to every celebrity so we could make fun of them too.  Mickey, you sretched your face right into da wall.

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David Hasselhoff

Where the f*ck is KITT when you need him? I’m not sure if that’s the Hoff anymore, or a tranny that wants to be the Hoff. Either way, homeboy needs to put on a shirt that’s more flattering. I mean, didn’t someone tell him that the sweaty man-boob look is out? It looks like you’re on the path which only leads to one place…straight into da wall! Accept it, embrace it, and make sweet love to it!!! LET’S ALL HASSEL THE HOFF!!!

And for really good times, check out the Hoff at his best here:

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Nicolas Cage

Nick Cage I bet when you look in the mirror you wish you could take your Face Off. Hahahaha. Look at it this way you have your health. What is exactly going on with your hair is that plugs? If that is the way tattoos look when you get older I’ll be taking a razor to mine.

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We Have a Winner!!!

It was a hard fought battle, but only one could come out victorious. Winning by only one vote, the winner is….

Maria Shriver!!! Your witch-like appearance has earned you the honor of being this weeks winner and the chance to be this months Wall of Shame winner. Congrats you scary, scary woman!!!

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Its Time To Vote!!!

Will it be Nick Nolte, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Maria Shriver? You decide!!! Voting will close Sat night at 10pm Eastern time. Click the link below to place your vote.

Who hit da wall?
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Nick Nolte

And he’s back. Nick you look you done hit da wall so bad we have decided to bring you back. God Bless your good heart.

So let me tell you what i see here . . . looking to the left I see, Nick Nolte, who starred in one of the most underrated sports movie every, Blue Chips (I love you for that Nicky).  Now, looking to the right, I see a crazy homeless guy.  Nicky pie . . .  please listen to me . . . don’t every wear that tropical flowered shirt again and, most importantly, USE A COMB!!! But hey, if you want people to think your a crazy homeless guy then keep doing what your doing. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Next up for the week is the govenor himself. I can remember the days when the mighty Arnold was the biggest action star in hollywood. With his awesome one-liners he showed us all you didn’t have to have any acting talent what-so-ever to be a star. However time has taken a toll on Mr. S. He’s no longer the hard bodied, beast of a man he once was; but just a doughy shadow of his former self. I guess thats what he gets for making “Last Action Hero” and “Jingle All the Way.” You Son of a bitch!!!

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