Arnold Schwarzenegger

Next up for the week is the govenor himself. I can remember the days when the mighty Arnold was the biggest action star in hollywood. With his awesome one-liners he showed us all you didn’t have to have any acting talent what-so-ever to be a star. However time has taken a toll on Mr. S. He’s no longer the hard bodied, beast of a man he once was; but just a doughy shadow of his former self. I guess thats what he gets for making “Last Action Hero” and “Jingle All the Way.” You Son of a bitch!!!

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12 responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. I see grey tittieeees!

  2. i feel very sorry for him. He was def a legend and the legend died. 😦 sad. But what could the man do? the age just maked him like that, he couldnt do anything. Thanks for all ur amazing Movies Arnold!

  3. He has done more with his life than most have or ever will, if the best some people can do is take pot shots at him in later years… well that speaks volumes. Arnie is and always be a champion

  4. Dmitrii he’s not dead he’s alive

  5. This man is by far a true American. Yeah he immigrated from Graz, Austria, but he has had the American dream by the balls for years. Sadly as he gets older his body just starts to become less efficient. But i will say one thing. He well live in the history books forever

  6. Arnold is great, he is the man!!! And all these freaky losers taking pan shots – try to guess what gonna happen to your asses when you get 62… ha-ha…

  7. He looks pretty awesome for a 60 year old

  8. C’mon, can’t you tell a photoshopped picture when you see it. They deliberately dumbed down his body for the old guy pic.

  9. arnold his the bast

  10. genghis khan

    arnold or mr universe or mr govenor he has achieved so tittles and many great things nobody can deny him that he has achieved goals more than you and i ever will unfortunately the after effect of the steroids caught up with him thats what happens wen u pump roids and stop pumpin iron but im sorry to say he wont be back so hasta la vista

  11. Debabrata Sarker

    Arnold will be back, as he always has been …. he did not have the time to work out as he was in office for the past 6 years but now that he is back, he will work out and be fit again… as much as a 60+ old man can be, he has already announced his plans for a comeback movie… we have not seen the last of Arnold, and he definitely will be back again ….

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