Nicolas Cage

Nick Cage I bet when you look in the mirror you wish you could take your Face Off. Hahahaha. Look at it this way you have your health. What is exactly going on with your hair is that plugs? If that is the way tattoos look when you get older I’ll be taking a razor to mine.

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19 responses to “Nicolas Cage

  1. i dont think he looks that bad, besides his hair. he is still in pretty good shape for an old dude

  2. He’s soooo sexy!!!I love him no matter what he looks like!!

  3. OLD? He’s only 44, terrible actor, but look at him he’s got a pretty buff upper body.

  4. Dieser Mann ist einfach nur sexy!!!!!!!!!
    So einen hätte ich auch schon gerne 🙂
    I Love you Nicolas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would not care if nicolas was old with tattos I still love him with or with out tatoos,he is so cute!!!

  6. estas muy rico papasito mio



  9. You are just a hater…. the picture not the best quality + the guy was not even posing

  10. I think he is absolutely gorgeous. I love his hair, tattoos, body, everything. *pants* Haha.

  11. i love nick. would’nt kick him out of my life. yunmy!

  12. Money says nobody here hating Cage has a flat stomach. Or is broke. Wait.

  13. Absolutely both photos. He is beautiful. xxx

  14. mmmmm esta pa’chuparse los dedos es mi actor favori y con o sin tattoo me encanta.estoy dispuesta a hacer un par de travesura con el o otro de su perfil interesados llamar al 555 . . . . . .

  15. mmmmm esta muy lindo me fasina nicolas cage me atreveria a darle un niño si el asy lo desea o sino como quiera esta guapo mmmmmmmmmmmmm un chocolate leigh

  16. Heather Marie

    1.Nicolas Cage is not a bad actor, he has made some bad movies, there is a difference.
    2. If you can watch Gone in 60 Seconds and not see his wonderful face and voice, I would assume you are a male, have no taste, and your 16 and your idea of beauty is the little package of angst playing the lead in these teenybopper Twilight Vamp movies. Beauty is not perfection, it is the little things..the angle of a chin, the back of a neck..the curve of a wrist, a scar on a eyebrow…THEY are interesting. Airbrushed “perfection” is fleeting. I modeled for many years. Everyone ages, he has aged well.
    -Heather Marie

  17. he is HOT. his hair, his body, his manner, his looks, and especially his voice!

  18. sexiest man alive, need i say any more.

  19. He is an academy award winning actor who was one of the highest paying actors around. Nick is the dopest mother fucker out there.

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