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“Wall of Shame” voting begins!!

The time is now people. We have some deliciously hideous nominees for this week’s contest. We are bringing back the winners of the last few weeks. The winner will be inducted into the “Wall of Shame” where only the ugliest of the ugly receive this honor and privilege. The nominees are… Mickey Rourke, Sylvester Stallone, Gary Coleman, Gary Busy, and Maria Shriver. Don’t be shy, let your voice be heard, and let the games begin. Just click the “Who hit the wall” link below or at the top of the page. Lets rock n’ roll!!!!
Who hit the wall?
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And the last nominee is…

Maria Shriver

With her razor-sharp cheek bones and witchy face Maria Shriver was able to scare her way right into da wall.  But can she beat out the guys for the coveted Wall of Shame award?  Its up to you folks!!!  Voting will begin later this evening, so vote as many times as your hearts desire. 

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Mickey Rourke & Gary Busey

Rourke looks like an alien has taken over his flesh as a hide out, like the guy from Men In Black.  He just looks awkward.  And Busey, well he kind of looks like a crazy person, which could be do to stretched. . .i mean stress.  Both are up from claiming an honorary spot on the Wall of Shame. 

Gary Coleman & Sylvester Stallone

Well we have our first set of canidates for the wall of shame.  This little man and fake boxing icon could be perminate fixtures on the wall.  Its up to you guys vote on who you think Hit Da Wall.

And the winner is….

Gary Coleman….


This puffy little marsh-mellow managed to pull of a big upset this week.  Beating out Jabba the Harding and Madonna was no small task… get it… SMALL!!!! HAHAHA.  Anyway the day is yours Gary Coleman.  Just enjoy it because your career is so dead you probably won’t win anything else.  Congratulations your this weeks Hit da Wall winner. 

P.S. This week is the big vote, where you will decide who is the worst of the worst, as we bring back all this month’s winners.  Stay Tuned

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Its Time to Vote!!!

This is a tough week.  There is an pretty awful trio lined up for you fans.  We have an obese figure skater, a hideous superstar without makeup, and a plumped up television icon.    This is the last week before the big Wall of Shame voting, so cast your vote for your favorite by clicking on the “Who hit the wall?” link below, or at the top of the page.  Will it be Tonya Harding, Madonna, or Gary Coleman?  Only the Shadow knows!!!! 

Who hit the wall?
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Tonya Harding

From Olympic Figure Skater to 300 lbs of craziness, Tonya Harding is really enjoying the white trash lifestyle. I’m not sure what she has been up to lately, but I can guarantee that it has involved tons of fried chicken, plenty of Budweiser and some Monster Truck rally appearances. She was never confused with Nancy Kerrigan, but the woman has really fallen off. But let’s be careful with what we say…that’s the kind of statement that will get you clubbed in the knee. Honestly, can someone hook her up with a job? Maybe she can hold a sign dressed as a hot dog? Or sing the National Anthem at a rodeo?

What would she do for a Klondike bar?

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