An Update on a Wall of Shamer. . .

“They tried to make me go to rehab, cause I’m on crack, crack, crack.

Yes I cut my arm, and when it scabs, then you’ll know, know, know.”

Holy Sh*t!!! What in heavens name are you doing to yourself Amy. Ms. Winehouse was stuck in a traffic jam and just decided to just chillax outside her car. Supposedly, she war roaming from car to car in an effort to bum a lighter off someone. A fan even asked her for an autograph and look at her face. She probably is so cracked up that she forgot to spell her name. Keep thinking now, it will come.

Listen Amy, do yourself a favor. . .go to Rehab and pass it, get your certificate, release form, whatever the hell they give you when you completed your time there. You are truly living up to your Wall of Shamer status.

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