Gary Busey

Ok, well I know Gary never really looked good, but NOW, he looks even worse.  I’m guessing that you got a facelift, which looks awful by the way, and you’re TEETH!!  Who the hell is your dentist?  You got Veneers that look like Chiclets.  I don’t know what else to say Gary, but you were destined to hit da wall.

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3 responses to “Gary Busey

  1. Poor Gary… I am sorry about him

  2. For crying out loud, the guy was in a horrible motorcycle accident (yup should have worn a helmet, but didn’t) and the worst was the irreversible brain damage, and the disfigurement. Once I found this out, all the Tru TV worst Driver commentary makes sense. Poor guy is right.

  3. How Could People POSSIBLY Put Gary Busey On The So Called “B” List With Such A Great Performance In One Of The Greatest, Most Tasteful Movies I Have Ever Seen ??? “The Buddy Holly Story” Please Answer Me That… I’d REALLY LIKE TO KNOW YOUR ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION… Stupid Move…

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