So it looks like the “Material Girl” is now the “Menopausal Girl.”  Fore Pete’s sake Madonna… don’t go out of the house without your makeup, you have an image to keep up.  If I gotta see you dancing around the stage at your age I at least want to think that the miracle makeup on your face is how you really look.  Now instead I have to know that beneath the cover up and eye shadow lurks this aging, baggy-eyed former sex symbol.  I am disgusted to the 3rd power.  Hey Madonna… truth or dare?  Oh whats that.. you want a dare?  Ok then… how bout this?  RUN STRAIGHT INTO THAT WALL… oh forget it, it looks like you already did!!!  Ok… then how about you just stop singing and let us remember you the way you were??  Call me on the cell and let me know!!!

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6 responses to “Madonna

  1. hi
    name tina

  2. hi
    name kevin.

  3. hi
    djamy cant even spell his/ her name!
    good grief!!

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