Tonya Harding

From Olympic Figure Skater to 300 lbs of craziness, Tonya Harding is really enjoying the white trash lifestyle. I’m not sure what she has been up to lately, but I can guarantee that it has involved tons of fried chicken, plenty of Budweiser and some Monster Truck rally appearances. She was never confused with Nancy Kerrigan, but the woman has really fallen off. But let’s be careful with what we say…that’s the kind of statement that will get you clubbed in the knee. Honestly, can someone hook her up with a job? Maybe she can hold a sign dressed as a hot dog? Or sing the National Anthem at a rodeo?

What would she do for a Klondike bar?

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6 responses to “Tonya Harding

  1. wow! That was really cruel. Yes, what she did to Nancy was wrong, but that was over 14 years ago. I was in the 8th grade when that happened. Everyone makes mistakes. I think she has lost weight though…she’s on some tv show on Court TV…Wonder if they will do a segment on “Worlds most dumbest Crimes” then show a clip of her hired “hitman” hitting Nancy in the knee. I wonder what she would say about that? ok that was mean..I am going now. Bye.

  2. Yes. That was pretty cruel. I just heard her on the radio here in Detroit (she’s here promoting a mixed martial arts event) and she said she ballooned because of asthma medication, just like Jerry Lewis, and not because of fried chicken. She seems pretty “wholesome” now.

  3. look at Tonya Harding making a big comeback…

  4. I think she was a mean, cruel, vicious person. Has she changed? Don’t know. And she is fat because she eats too much. Period. She is just making excuses.

  5. I always thought she got off too easy. With millions of dollars of endorsement money on the line the punishment should have reflected the potential losses of Olympic Gold. When she was thinner I always thought she was pretty except for those horrid latex nails…eeek! Her smoking and asthma seemed like an odd mix.

  6. What a idiot

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