Mickey Rourke & Gary Busey

Rourke looks like an alien has taken over his flesh as a hide out, like the guy from Men In Black.  He just looks awkward.  And Busey, well he kind of looks like a crazy person, which could be do to stretched. . .i mean stress.  Both are up from claiming an honorary spot on the Wall of Shame. 


3 responses to “Mickey Rourke & Gary Busey

  1. Mickey rourke does have kind of an alien thing going, but he did have to get a lot of surgery for bust-up injuries in boxing. He was a really good boxer too, but had to quit due to his injuries. He is still an awesome dude. Gary Busey is just as cool!

  2. Mickey Rourke was a very good boxer, from what i read he never lost a fight. He trained and fought with some real awesome pros. That is one of the reasons he is as well known today because he stopped his acting career right at its peak-to pursue boxing fights

  3. Busey fucked up his face in a motorcycle accident and needed extensive surgery to fix it. Bet you feel like a prick now.

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