Barry Manilow

Barry you should be the poster child for plastic surgery gone bad.  You were such a sweetie back in the day.  Now the knife has left your face a mess.  You don’t even look like your self.  If that makes any sense.  A classic case of another celebrity not being able to deal with father time slapping them in the mouth.  Your music never entertained me, but now your face does so keep it up.

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13 responses to “Barry Manilow

  1. I don’t see why everyone bashes Barry on plastic surgery- number one, he hasn’t made major surgery- he had his teeth redone which changes the shape or curvature of his mouth which makes him look ‘different.’ He has obviously had cheek fillers done and maybe a neck lift and a touch of botox. But as far as him looking bad, I think he looks great. The photo you posted is of him with his eyes popping out- but look at more ‘natural’ photos of him such as the Ellas awards and you will still see the same handsome face- the cheek fillers have ‘settled’ a bit and I’m getting used to the change in his mouth…. so check out to see.

  2. C’mon Saylor, you can’t be serious. He looks like he has had 12 face lifts. You must be a hardcore Manilow fan or something.

  3. Sorry, hardcore or not, facts or facts- you compare him from 2002 to present- his teeth were redone and he’s had some minor tweeking. You tell me what makes him look like he has had twelve face lifts- and then look at all the other celebs that have had botox, face lifts, breast implants, facial peels, knee sculpting, etc before they are even 40!

  4. And another thing: he still has quite a few deep lines/crows feet around his eyes- if he had had 12 face lifts, his eye area would be smooth and he would have that deer in the headlight look, which he does not. He’s very lucky that he could have minor work done and look great- he’s a benefactor of good genes. His mom looked good too at her age.

  5. Sofa King Wetodit

    Hey Saylor, can you shut up already? No one cares about all this BS. We just here to laugh at these idiots.

  6. hitthewall

    I think Saylor has quite a bit of Barry Manilow posters up in his room.

  7. Sofa King Wetodit

    I think Saylor may have some Barry Manilow bed sheets

  8. I’m not a dude, so sorry to further disappoint you losers.

  9. Compared to all the rest of the freaks, I think he looks pretty good. His make-up is horrible.

  10. You make fun of celebs for getting old, and you make fun of them when they try to look younger with plastic sugery. They can’t win. It’s ridiculous. People get old. Noses and faces grow every year, gravity takes over and things sag, skin isn’t clear and perfect when your older. It’s just the way it is.

    and just my opinion – manilow looks better in ’08 than he did in ’03. nikki cox is still pretty but she just needs to stop plumping her lips, they were fine before the plumping, and darryl hannah is just getting older and that’s how she looks older. what can she do? get plastic surgery. Then you’ll make fun of her for that.


  11. I don’t think it looks too bad.
    I don’t even know who the guy is.
    I think it’s a improvement if you ask me.

  12. I think Manilow looks like some kind of scary puppet!!! He has SOOO had at least 12 face-lifts! LOL

  13. Why you, instead of criticize, relax and read something and talk about something makes your brain work?

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