Our Next Inductee to the Wall of Shame is….


You did it Sly!!!  Forget “Rocky”, “Rambo”, or my personal favorite, “Stop or my Mom Will Shoot”… this is your greatest triumph.  You are now among the elite in the Wall of Shame.  Take pride in the fact that you blew up like a balloon and have as enough chins to start a charity.  You should take advantage of the spotlight on you with this win and make 6 or 7 more bad sequels to classics; perhaps “Rocky 7”.  I say go for the money and make the much anticipated “Rocky vs. Rambo.”  But I digress… Congratulations Mr. Stallone, you are our May Wall of Shame inductee.

Images Courtesy of (http://www.jaunted.com/files/admin/stallone02.jpg)


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