Joan Van Ark

Well Joan, I guess your “Knot” as good looking as you once were.  Hahahahahaha . . . GET IT!!!  This one time babe was a star on the primetime TV soap opera, Knots Landing.  This is a classic example of what several plastic surgeries can do to you.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that she just got done eating a whole bowl of blueberry yogurt.  Well Joan, I gues your “knot” “landing” anymore TV roles with that face (I had to do it one more time).  Well I could be wrong, Sesame Street could cast for a blueberry yogurt monster and I’m sure you would be the first in line. 

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8 responses to “Joan Van Ark

  1. what a crock of shit! she was never a babe in the first place! racsism had your rose coloured glasses on to think every blond on tv was beautiful. in reality she was a dog then and she is one now

  2. She could be a sister of Michael Jackon now…

  3. I honestly thought she was a drag queen when I first saw that picture…although she could probably be mistaken for one before the plastic surgery too…

  4. That One Kid

    I dont think S. Tyler really looks that bad… I mean, he got older, nuff said. But he’s quite fit and was considered a pretty attractive guy ever since Aerosmith was popular.

  5. that picture on the left has been very obviously touched up by who ever it is that wants to disparage the woman and quite deliberately made the photo look much worse! Its very easy to see that. Shes not an ugly dog as one jealous poster so prosaicly put it. She is a good decent intelligent and hard working woman.

  6. Joan is actually an amazingly accomplished actress and talent – and she earned it all the old fashioned way, with hard work. Pity that they put that unflattering picture of her up on the net – I just recently saw her in person and she looked really good for a woman of 68!

  7. Oh give it up! It wasn’t retouched and she looks like a monster! She choose to go from homely man to blue freakshow

  8. John Reynolds

    I’d hit it

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