Daryl Hannah

So I don’t know what happened here. Is she injecting steroids into her jaw?? With a face like that she could be a Dick Tracy villain. We could call her the Mandible, or long face. Maybe someone put her head in a vice until her face doubled in length. If that is the case then we apologize, but if that didn’t happen then someone needs to let you know you look like a demon. And who better than us at hit da wall?? The good news is we hear she will be playing Lurch in the upcoming Adams Family movie… good for you Mr. … I mean Ms. Hannah.

Images courtesy of http://www.creativescreenwriting.com/csdaily/csdart/images/Splash%20-%20Hanks,%20Hannah%20(250w).jpg

& http://www.bestmascara.info/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/daryl_hannah.jpg


3 responses to “Daryl Hannah

  1. She looks pretty. There is nothing strange about her jaw. She just has a weird expression on her face. What the HELL are you talking about? Stop imagining things. Its sad.

  2. She looks like she has a genetic condition that is called Marfan Syndrome. As one who has it I am deeply offended by your comment about Daryl. People tell me I look like her hundresd of times. I can look masculine in some pictures and it is the unfortunate experience of having the facial features of mrfan Syndrome. Get educated go to the Nation Marfan Foundation website before you make random rude comments. Darryl went indisguise and bought children out of sex slavery in a foreign country featured on America’s Most Wanted, and she is an avid environmentalist. Get your facts straight.

  3. damm she was hot

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