And the winner is…

Daryl Hannah!!! Despite some tough competition this week, the one time piece of ass received 100% of the votes. So, enjoy the victory Daryl Hannah because this week is your week. Looks like she Splashed right into the wall! HAHAHAHA…get it? Cause she was in that movie, where she played a mermaid and it was called Splash! (I’m such an idiot)

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One response to “And the winner is…

  1. You make fun of celebs for getting old, and you make fun of them when they try to look younger with plastic sugery. They can’t win. It’s ridiculous. People get old. Noses and faces grow every year, gravity takes over and things sag, skin isn’t clear and perfect when your older. It’s just the way it is.

    and just my opinion – manilow looks better in ’08 than he did in ’03. nikki cox is still pretty but she just needs to stop plumping her lips, they were fine before the plumping, and darryl hannah is just getting older and that’s how she looks older. what can she do? get plastic surgery. Then you’ll make fun of her for that.


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