William Shatner

Bill you are really upsetting all the trekkies.  They are wondering how the great Captain is going to fit into his captains uniform.  Maybe we should break the news to the Trekkies it was a T.V. show…..  Well now that we cleared that up.  Bill you have done it let me be the first to congratulate you on Hitting Da Wall.

Images courtesy of :  movies.popcrunch.com/…/02/william-shatner.jpg      http://www.triviatribute.com/…/williamshatner11.jpg


9 responses to “William Shatner

  1. He’s 80 years old for the love!!! Leave g** alone

  2. Looks great for 80!

  3. Whoops, he’s 78, not 80. Still looks damn good.

  4. ill take william shatner any ole time yahoo

  5. Star Trek was a TV show???!!! The Shat will never hit the wall.

  6. Actually, Shatner was born in 1936, which makes him 75 on March 22, 2011.


  8. Like someone said: “I can only guess that this website and the person writing on it is very young. You’ll be making sweet love to your own brick wall, buddy, when your dick is shriveled and you stand 4 feet tall in your suspenders at age 80 something…”
    That’s right.

  9. Shatner was born in 1931, not 1936. And yes, he looks amazing for his age.

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