Steven Tyler

Ok Steven, some people might say that your still a sexy son of a b*tch, but those people are absolutely clueless.  I mean, your face looks like it’s been molded with clay.  And that’s not even the worst thing about you.  I just realized how you became inspired to write one of your most popular songs.  YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR. . .

(That, that) Dude looks like a lady!

(That, that) Dude looks like a lady!

Dude, dude, dude, dude looks like a lady!

(That, that) ya ya ya yya ya yya ya chit chit yaow!!!

This is truly inspiring Steven.  So inspiring that you have inspired me to nominate you as a candidate for the Wall of Shame.  Congrats and Kudos to you Steven.

P.S. your daughters are AMAAAAAA-ZING!!!!

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28 responses to “Steven Tyler

  1. I really dont think he looks like a lady. If it were’nt for the eye liner he’d be an awesome MAN!!!

  2. Okay you are the worst type of person. TAHTS WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOLE WHEN THEY AGE!!!!!!
    god i hate people like you.

  3. dude yr messed up have u looked yr self in the mirrior?? the only reason yr making fun of him is because yr a nerd thats super ugly and u have done nothin with yr lie to own up to him.

  4. Ehm.. he IS still a sexy son of a b*tch, actually.
    Well he is not as he was at the beginnig of his career.. and so?
    Look at him, I mean, he’s 60 years old.. think about it!
    And he can still rock as a yuong guy.. or better.
    Damn, his voice, his movements on stage..
    I am 20 and I have a big crush on this 60 years old clay face dude!!!!!!!!!

  5. he is very sexy !!! and im only 14 and i think so

  6. i mean gosh !!! have you saw his abs ? SEXY

  7. well ilike steven tyler so much and i thing that he`ll be awesome man 4 ever

  8. he`s f******g sexy haha

  9. again, I say just you wait!

  10. america tyler

    te amo
    steven eres lo maximo
    te amoo
    es la mega mamadaç


  11. your just a fucking ass ,

  12. hehe his girls got his mouth. LOL and i agree steven is just aging. not to mention remember he used drugs as well and thats not easy on ur apperance. but you know people show ignorance

  13. I see they have the token big mouth ;]

  14. ohhhh
    i love him
    he is so sexy

  15. omg i am 18 and i love him lol its kinda ridiculous i am like a 10 year old looking at the jo.bros

  16. im a teen and i find him hella sexy and ppl who say he is ugly fu*k yall and the house u rode in on

  17. Believe me, Steven Tyler is STILL sexy and I’d do him right now… And no matter what this douchebag writer says, Steven Tyler is still getting more P*$$y then he can ever dream of tapping. You only wish you looked this good, dicklips.

  18. steven tyler is cute he isnt ugly

  19. I grew up listening to him in the 70’s. He rocked the stations then and still makes the gurlz swoon. (um that means the girls still think he’s HOTT)
    Take a look at ur grandpa’s 60 yr old face and see if he don’t look aged!
    I don’t know why guys come on websites and post about how ugly another guy is. Steven Tyler is a legend as well as Joe Perry. Dude you wanna see an ugly 60 yr old rocker….try the members of the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards. Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll will age you. Those are just expression lines from smilin’ all his life!!

  20. Dude, that man is so sexy i don’t know what to do with myself! And that voice, MAN that voice does somethin too me!!! Lol! 😉

  21. He will always be handsome to me! I have aged too but not as nicely as he has!! Rock On Steven!!

  22. He’s gorgeous! aged or not, people age, and he kept it after those years! and he can still preform!

  23. perform*

  24. i am your bigest fan steven tyler. i am doing a report on you so if you can give me some info on that would be grate thanks.

    your bigest fan alyssa starzyk

  25. i am your bigest fan steven tyler. i am doing a report on you so if you can give me some info on you that would be grate thanks.

    your bigest fan alyssa starzyk

  26. So this blog thing was either set up by a really jealous guy with no life, or a really ugly girl with no taste. That’s all.

  27. Michele N.

    i cannot believe anyone would try to judge this man. just becuase he has not filled his face with needles and botox! he is damn sexy especially for his age. i would do him in a second tight pants and all. don’t hate on him because you do nothing with your life and even if you are cute, you could NEVER be Steven Tyler

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