Linda Evans

   Another beauty bites the dust.  Linda Evans was one of the hottest women on T.V. in the eighties.  She was also on one of the biggest shows… Dynasty.  Now people probably don’t even recognize her.  This is a dam shame.  Now the question is, plastic surgery or old age?  Lets hope plastic surgery.  I would like to think God is a little nicer than that.

Peace out George Carlin.  You were a genious!!

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10 responses to “Linda Evans

  1. She used to date “Yanni” , he was younger then her, so maybe she had her face done to look younger for him…

    Problem is she look older, Acutally “Yanni” looks old as well…


  2. God isn’t nice , but it doesn’t help to get bad plastic. These doctors should be shot. Plastic surgery is an art , unfortunately not many artists doing it.

  3. I assume the “younger” picture has been touched up to perfection. It’s a professional shot.

  4. The is deformed face, this can’t be happened with natural ageing.
    This is the consequence of plastic surgery after years.
    What the problem with some people to look older and older as ageing?
    All people are natural to ageing
    What some people have madness in their minds and they want to look younger (only in looking, they aren’t get younger inside)


  5. You good folks ought to lighten up! When Linda was younger she was drop-dead gorgeous!! She’s older now, and she looks simply beautiful as an older woman! It’s NOT okay for you to “trash” her! At some point, everyone will discover that losing glamour and youthful glow are natural part of the aging process. Leave Linda alone!!

  6. u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super sexy

  7. I’m 34 and I’d fuck her!

  8. how utterly nasty of you to slate someone’s looks, they aren’t pretty enough for you? who do you think you are? everybody ages and you all will look old eventually – how can you accept it with grace with the kind of attitude you display now? get some meaning in your life.

  9. Actually, she’s very beautiful and kind looking, and we all age. She is a human being inside with all the feelings we have, the similarity’s are greater than the difference’s. The woman is still much more beautiful than the average because she has true humanity. We can’t yardstick measuse by who we may feel we would ‘still’ make love with or be friends with or accept on our own terms! Thats not what life is about, acceptance should be naturally unconditional of one human being to another. Unfortunatly many factors get in the way of this for both good and bad reasons. Most good people i feel would naturally choose to accept linda just the way she is as i do, after all thats what every one strives for is’nt it? So remember! the the next time you disparrage some one for not fitting in to your way of thinking because the way you think they look does’nt fit? Remember there is seemingly always people who will think and feel you do not belong whatever the reason is. Think on treat others as you wish to be treated with R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  10. you bitches shut up before i fuck you

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