Elizabeth Taylor

I already know what you people are going say about this post, and to be honest, I don’t care. I don’t care if she is as old as dirt, or if she is sick(ok, that’s a lie). I’m angry and I want answers! I want to know WTF happened to the woman on the left. Maybe some of the fugliness of her BFF Michael Jackson has rubbed off on her, or maybe she drank too much of his Jesus Juice with her pain meds.  But f*ck man!  She’s slammed into the wall and embraced the sh*t out of it. It’s almost like her and the wall are making sweet love together.

And what’s with the jet black hair and bright red lipstick? Act your age! If you’re old, let the gray hair out and stop wearing makeup. It doesn’t make you look any younger. You just look like an old woman trying to be young. You’re not fooling anyone!

Ok…I’m done being a dick for the day.

(images via http://studioscreenings.com/galleries/FrankWorth/Liz_Taylor_01.jpg & www.jamd.com/image/g/77841319)


37 responses to “Elizabeth Taylor

  1. I actually don’t think you were mean at all, You are right she should act her age. Black hair and red lipstick just don’t go at the age of 90!

    Thats like Cici wearing a white tank top with a red speedo on the beach!

    Oh, just the thought!


  2. I gotta disagree about the lipstick. Women don’t necessarily wear makeup in order to look younger. We wear it ‘cos we know we look ugly when we look in the mirror, and seeing the bright lipstick kind of perks us up. I plan on wearing bright pink lipstick ’til the day I die!

  3. what happened is 60 years, it will happen to you too! deal with it, may you only look this good!

  4. LEAVE HER ALONE….She was beautifull and still is, Liz was, and still is an ICON of female beauty and theres none around anymore. Watch her films, like John Wayne there was NEVER anything offensive in them, ANYONE could watch them, even your gran. Id love to see how you turn out later in life………………..Phil B Smoth

  5. What is wrong with you people. She looks like shit.

  6. Haha ah, the hubris of youth–and I’m young myself! Let’s see how you look in 50 years…you’ll probably look at Liz’s photos and only wish you had aged as well.

  7. You are an ASSHOLE, Liz was beautiful and still is, everyone gets old…but VERY FEW are ever that beautiful!!!!! i hope you are even uglier when you are old, because I know you are ugly now because you bash an older woman like Liz. GO TO HELL!!!!!!!

  8. Does she look old? Of Course.
    Do you have to be a shit about it? Not Really.

  9. Man u must be really stupid for saying things like that… asshole

  10. I think she looks like that because her insides are showing. And take a gander at all the jewellery! What a freak. Liz has long been a whorewood freak.

  11. Sure she’s trying to make herself look younger! But isn’t that what every superstar does in their old age? Not only superstars but just normal people, nobody criticizes them, even if you do, you don’t have to tell the whole world!

  12. Shes a Glamour Nana. Shes working the look well. The best thing about nanas getting dolled up is the fact they can barely see what they are doing. Id like to still get dressed up when i am ancient and smear lipstick all over my face and dye my hair purple and look damn cool and not even care.

  13. I think Liz looks fine. She is 77 years old now. She has never been in great health, and now she is mainly in a wheelchair and in constant pain. I wish her well.

  14. The ravages of time–duh. I adore her and I think she looks good for her age. She was the most beautiful woman to ever grace the screen imo.

  15. Imagine…she did the whole nine yards without any cosmetic procedures and at least looks her age.

  16. The one great thing about being old is you have to be alive to do it! Liz looks great! Alot better than Marilyn Monroe, Aaliyah and Left-eye.

  17. I really do much look like her in that age. The only thing not to look like old people is – to die, and that´s really not a good alternative option!

  18. WOW people can be so cruel , you know it must be hard to be one of the greatest beauties of our time and then when you grow old (which we all do and will) have people like this shoot us down. How sad. I choose to look beyond the shell that covers our soul’s for there is where the true beauty is.

  19. she had 7 husbands

  20. At 80 YOU will look this way too, so be kind. (to yourself)

  21. I can only guess that this website and the person writing on it is very young. You’ll be making sweet love to your own brick wall, buddy, when your dick is shriveled and you stand 4 feet tall in your suspenders at age 80 something…

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  23. wow, where do i start.. u must me really UGLY and EXTREMLY INSECURE if u have to sit there and bash a 77 year old woman about her looks. geez…SHE IS 77! she looks fine for her age, of course she is not going to look how she did fifty years ago. i dont know why ur so suprised she dosent look the same as the woman “on the left”. and was it really neccisary to bash mj like that , hes not ugly

  24. Wow, you’re a douche… I can’t believe they don’t have a maturity cap for what they let people publish online. “I don’t care if she’s old as dirt, I want to know what happened to the woman on the left?” Really, dickhead? Do you think your grandmother always looked whatever age she is now? What world do YOU live in where you think that 50 years won’t do the same to you? Liz looks great, let’s see how karma ages you over the next 50 years, teenager.

  25. You must definitely be very young, immature or very insecure and afraid to age to express that way against an almost 80 yo woman. She obviously doesn’t look the same as she did 60 years ago, duh!! and guess what? nobody does…The dolled up look with jet black hair and red lipstick has been her signature for decades, and part of her personality, no matter if she is 100. And while her skin looks the way an 80yo person’s would with out procedures, those beautiful big violet eyes and inner beauty are still there, and will be there forever. Long live Liz.

  26. I adore Elizabeth. She is a great actress and will always be beautiful. I agree with the other poster that wearing red lipstick when you’re old is not because you think it makes you look younger. I personally will always wear lipstick because it not only gives me some color but makes me feel happy and less drab. You only live once and why shouldn’t someone wear what makes them feel happy or more confident about themselves?

  27. I was born in 1947 and my Mother was her big fan, both Pisces. Just love her.
    How we were charmed by the little girl in “Lassie” and “National Velvet” – and then it was so charming to watch her bloom and deal with the instabilities. She stayed perfect till Mike Todd’sdeath – her 3rd spouse and “love of her life” and although Richard Burton saved her life, and brought her “up from grief” the process was a messy horrorshow- NOT dainty or like her as we knew her at all. She loved jewels but would lose the ones he gave her in the carpet, and when he died, we sighed with guilty relief. Her later spouses were gentlemen again or she would not be with us. When the public loves a star, we like to see them doing life in as lovely as way as possible…..she was our dolly.
    They are saying we will lose her now….and thank goodness the films will give her some immortality, because SHE was and is the jewel….NOT The rock on the fingers.


    you asked… 😀

  28. I agree with what Aaron said, now there’s a real guy for ya.

  29. linda charles

    I guess you think you are like wine and get better with age-GROW UP-who cares about your opinion anyway. You are Rude and Crude-so GET LOST DUDE.

  30. Just have a look at that beautiful girl: healthy, tanned and optimistic. She grew old as we all do if we don’t die young. She maintained, as she aged, her optimism and her positive approach to life. She stuck by her friends in hard times when stooges like you would have tried to insist that there was something funny about their ill fortune. She’s dead now.
    Look at that young girl again.
    You’d give anything to hug her, just once. Wouldn’t you?

  31. you are pathetic....

    They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and I say “REALLY UGLY” is when you comment on someone as being “ugly”. By all accounts she was a caring woman with a kind heart. It seems she did her part to brighten the corner she stood in.
    You on the other hand have darkened the day with your shallow, pathetic talk of someone old being ugly. If she was your mom would you say that?, how about your grandmother, aunt, would you say something so judgmental?
    While your at it could you please out your self as “asshole of the day” and post a photo of Mom, Aunt,Grandmother and oh yes, YOURSELF? We’d LOVE to see the perfect face and to compare it to one sixty years from now. If you are so lucky to be here.
    You don’t have to be old to hit the wall pal….*SLAM*…… you just did!

  32. what kind of deeper personal hate in your life.

  33. to the “author” — so funny! you wait 50 years and see how you look! you’re probably ugly already, so when the wrinkles and the weight sets in, and the skin sags, you will have the answer to your “wtf happened” question. i shiver to think of you at 78 – try and evaluate a situation, if you have any brain cells, before you part your lips and show your stupidity. and i wish you good luck on that.

  34. to the author…you must have said those things for attention…but you get 1/10th of a cool point for knowing that you were a dick to say those things… a teeny, flaccid, immature infant baby finger of a dick… Her life was a tribute to lust, love, passion and commitment to something bigger than herself…

  35. Too daft to realize you’re part of the problem. You simultaneously demand a woman to stop “trying” with her looks while attacking her rather directly and viciously for her looks. Perhaps women of a certain age would try less hard if people like yourself didn’t think it was your place to judge, critique, etc. and hold women to a high bar of your own design? You’re part and parcel of the problem, and you’re too arrogant to even see it.


  37. Women don’t have to stop using makeup just because they get mature. They just need to learn how to put it on properly and use a little less. As for hair color, if you don’t like being gray then don’t. Just color your hair a more natural color close to your own that looks good with your complexion. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to stop living. We all need to learn how to age gracefully. Just remember, every young person out there …you too will someday be old …whether you like it or not. So keep your pie hole shut.

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