Rock the Vote!!

Its Thursday and we all know what that means… time to curl up with your favorite Nancy Drew book and listen to a little Streisand!! Fab-bu-LUS!!! Wait… um… What the hell just happened?? I must have blacked out for a moment. Anyway, its time to vote your little tushies off. Just click the “vote” link at the top of the page to cast your ballot.

This week is an all estrogen week with 3 lovely, (well not anymore of course), ladies vying for a chance to be this weeks most hideous honey. In one corner, from Hollywood California, Elizabeth “The Mummy” Taylor. In the second corner, from parts unknown, Jackie “My Face is Melting” Stallone. And in our third corner, formerly from Dallas, Texas, Linda “Hatchet-face” Evans.

Lets Get Ready to Hummmmmble!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Rock the Vote!!

  1. Linda Evans doesn’t look that bad, I mean if I was drunk. . .Liz Taylor is now just old so i’ll give her some room for error, but Stallonie’s mamma, she’s gotta take the cake

  2. Stallone’ s Mother! That is my vote…

    Isn’t that what the Wicked Witch of the West said in Wizard of Oz… “I’m melting, I’m melting”

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