Mary Tyler Moore

Where is Rhoda when you need her?  Mary you look a mess and that smile is awful.  Those chompers are something special.  Can u please wrangle those things back into your mouth because your upsetting me.  Then again, you may be able to get some work out of it.  Since Heath passed, I think we  may found the next joker.  And BTW… I’m really surprised you still are showing some cleavage.  New rule… no low cut shirts if you were born before 1955.  I guess we all should be thankful that second pic got cut off.  Don’t worry your gonna make it after all..  In the Wall.

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15 responses to “Mary Tyler Moore

  1. She looks pretty good for her age. You guys need to step your game up. It seems like you’re just filling space with some of these.

  2. hitthewall

    We are offended by the insinuation that we are just filling space. But because we care we will do our best to bring you the worst of the worst. Just keep in my my dear friend, ones man trash is another man’s treasure.

  3. I gotta agree with Oliver. Mary looks pretty good, as far as I can tell.

  4. hitthewall is homosexual but he isn’t scared to share it with anyone anymore.

  5. KillerDragon

    MTM has class. Looking good or looking bad, you can’t take that away from her. Pointing out that someone else is losing their looks is a mighty poor way to make yourself look good.
    Translation- Get a life!

  6. Mary Tyler Moore

    How will you look at 71 years old, nutsack?

  7. Mary looks awesome especially for a woman of her age. She is also a total class act! You guys are sick demented morons to post such garbage!

  8. I happened across this site, Mary Tyler Moore is just that a class act!!. very pretty, and a great addition to my kids as far as watching television goes. So much garbage on tv today. Thank you Mary Tyler Moore for your contribution to television.

  9. looks alright for her age i wonder what u look like? i bet your an alterbeast!

  10. Again, you’re making yourself look stupid. Mary Tyler Moore looks great. Either you’re just really insecure about what you look like yourself right now, or you’re insecure about getting old but rest assured, dickhead, the same thing WILL happen to you and you will only WISH you looked as good as the people you’re degrading on this shitty website. Why don’t you publish a picture of yourself here? Let the whole world tell you what they think of you, you tool.

  11. you suck

  12. Why don’t you try being a 74 year old type-1 diabetic, partially blind amputee and look that good. I hope I look that good when I’m her age. And she is one classy lady on top of it (unlike you, she spends a lot of time trying to help people rather than randomly degrade them for something superficial). If you really need to fill some space that badly, put your own picture up and let us make fun of it.

  13. your writing is hilarious

  14. Mary Tyler Moore is the best thing to ever happen to television! You need to stop bombing on her you a-hole, she is 74 freakin years old and has had diabetes for over 40 years. And no she has not had anything amputated as she has said before numerous times! I think you need to hit da wall again to knock some damn sense into ya!

  15. I love MTM.
    Anyone who doesn’t is nuts.
    Watch the show on hulu.
    Tough lady in bad times those were.

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