Courtney Love

Ok, so here we have the rare case of someone being born into da wall, then becoming a hotty, and finally smashing there face right back into da wall courtesy of good ole plastic surgery. Its no secret that Courtney Love is a lunatic, but what is she doing?? She almost looks like Beast from the old Beauty and the Beast tv show. (I know thats an obscure reference but you just have to deal with it). Anyway, you do whatever makes you happy. If you want to look like some sort of cat/human, we are all for it.

I guess thats what happens when you ride the coat tails of your talented husband, and then he dies, and people realize you never had talent!!!! WOW, did I just say that???

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2 responses to “Courtney Love

  1. Did she bring in a pic of Eric Roberts and said to the plastic surgeon ‘go to town’ ????

  2. did miz love have a chin reduction?

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