Donatella Versace

Ok Donatella, I must admit you were never really attractive, but at least you looked like a normal human being and on top of it all you were rich b/c of your brother Gianni.  And we all known rich + ugly = beautiful/getting laid.  Ok, so with all your money and guys flocking around you, what do you do. . .

You make yourself look like Mr. Ed/the Easter Bunny.  Can someone get this women a carrot!!!  Ooooooo wait a tick, she’s not done yet.  And neither am I. . .

Holy cheese and crackers!!!  Is her skin melting?  I don’t know what to say Donatella, but if there was a sangwich (this is not a typo) named after you it would be called, the “Versace melt”, with of course a side of steamed/raw carrots.  Bon appetit.

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14 responses to “Donatella Versace

  1. Actually, a Panini would be much better as we need to stick with the Italian “Sangwich” !!!!

  2. Oh, and btw, she looks more like a “muppet” then a bunny!

    I would say, Miss Piggy, yep thats it!

    Hog Heaven….

  3. i think these pictures ar e very Funny !LOL

  4. she also looks like Jance the muppet! LOL!

  5. hey,guys,stop it,i would not say anything if ur faces were like that,i would not say that nasty stuff,not in your face nor behind your backs,you never know what might happen to you tomorrow and the only thing that troubles me if the person really deserved that risk she has taken.

  6. Dudes… What was she meant to be achieving? Obviously too much money and very little common sense…

  7. Her face looks like a dump I left in the woods a few summers ago..

  8. Windowlicker..

  9. Jaimito Q. Citizen

    Fresh seafood comes to mind. She looks exactly like a sea-bass!

  10. Gente!! eu me assustei! nossa, ela fez muitas cirurgias, está completamente deformada !

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  13. plain can go to cute but not to exaggerated plastic surgery glamour, really. Is that a busted nose in #3? All that money to – I was going to say, get it wrong but maybe the surgeon just did as s/he was told.

  14. damn, she’s a hot mess.

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