Jeff Conaway

What we have here is a mess. This poor guy had to play second fiddle to John Travolta and if that’s not bad enough he had to take a back seat to Tony Danza in Taxi. That must have really put him over the edge. All we can hope for is another reality show with the star of all reality shows, Jeff Conaway. When it comes to reality T.V. Jeff, you take a back seat to no one.

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12 responses to “Jeff Conaway

  1. Its like that commercial, “your brain on drugs” and you fry up some eggs (yummo)…He is the poster man for what one looks like after yrs of drug abuse and its not yummo!

    And yes, I like some bacon with my eggs


  2. this is the most disgusting place I have come across in ages…I dont know who the fuck you guys think you are…but sure would love to see what you look like….probably fuckin nastier than a draining pimple…leave people alone man and get a life….

  3. Well now, someone is pretty angry. Did you have a crush on Mr Conway in Grease sweet pea? He doesn’t have a clue who you are dude…move on.

  4. “911” you buncha scumbags!! Pack my shit!!

  5. He should be killed and fed to pigs.

  6. Jeff Conaway is a fucking cry baby and that’s all there is to it. Simple… Oh… and by the way… to the idiot who posted the comment above, and calls himself ‘me’… you’re a fucking dork… get a fucking life and face reality, you idiot, Conaway loving fool.

  7. Man! I use to have a crush on Jeff Conaway. Now, I am just crushed!

  8. To the two writers who call themselves “Troobador” and “me” above.

    You two need to calm down a bit. Take a valium! Holy crow! I can’t believe the anger you two have over such an un-important issue. Maybe you two should consider a sedative or something. Man!! if you get that violent over such a stupid topic, what are you like when discussing an important topic like politics, religion or world peace or something? We’d have to come get you two up a tree with a net and tranquilizer gun. Calm down boys!

  9. personally, I could care less. I’ll NEVER be un-famous while I still am alive in this body. torn , broken and tattered, but more famous now, than ever.

  10. Shame on you all. Why don’t you get a life.
    You couldn’t do one tiny iota of what Jeff has done in his life and you don’t know jack about anything.
    Jeff has more talent in his left pinky than you will ever have in your entire life. And he’s a good person. Wish I could say the same for you.

  11. And now, he’s dead.

    R.I.P. Jeff.

  12. I watched him in Grease and the taxi show he was agreat actor.His soul was restless looking for something .Iam sorry he could not find his way .R.I.P.

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