McConaughey Has A Baby!!!

We have it first ladies and gents. Hot of the presses are the first photos of Mathew McConaughey’s new baby boy (Well not really… but we can dream can’t we?). I think he takes after his daddy!!! I mean, I don’t think I have ever seen Mathew with his shirt on, and it looks like the baby is following in his daddy’s footsteps. Maybe one day, just one day, I can flip through a people magazine and not see pictures of McConaughey doing push-ups or half naked. Anyway… I wish you no luck or congratulations… jerk!!!

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2 responses to “McConaughey Has A Baby!!!

  1. Who the heck photo shopped that picture? It looks more like beetlejuice! Now that was a good movie!

    Whichever one of you gremlins put together that pic, go put yourself in the microwave NOW!


  2. I was looking for a sinopsis and this sh***y blog came up… it’s probably the most uninteresting blog ever written… I mean, don’t you guys have a life?? U’re a bunch of f***ing morons! Go out and live!

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