Lets get some subscribers to the site

Don’t be shy people… subscribe to our blog and show us some love!!!


8 responses to “Lets get some subscribers to the site

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    “Dont be shy people”…

    i dont think thats the problem, i think the problem is your blog sucks.

  2. what are you…12? I’ll bet the ‘team’ is really one and the same loser.
    Remember, never mock what YOU will one day become.
    I agree with Rusty…this blog SUCKS!
    Sorry kid, you just don’t have it. People like you give bloggers a bad name. No wonder you only have 3 subscribers and I’ll bet those are just you and your parents you signed up.

  3. we are not shy Rusty and Max, so you don’t like the blog and it sucks you say, so why readin it than, this blog is great!!! because it tells the truth that rusty and max don’t like to face, I think the ones who write the blog is unique and so funny, I can’t help laughing for hours!!! you know why? because it is simply true.

  4. Sign me up! This blog had me cracking up. You’re very witty and a great writer;I love your pop culture references. You have a keen wit but you’re not needlessly mean, if that makes any sense. Keep up the good work.

  5. This blog, is unique, it tells us witch kind of fools we are, when we worship a bunch and jerks and losers, who become super stars and heros for many.
    of course some of us will not like the blog, well 95% of people are wrong any how in every thing they do.
    I like the blog it is smart and funny, and it reminds us that those super jerks or some of them, are jerks like any other jerks walking on the street.
    keep up the good work and thanks for all the laughter and pleasure.

  6. I agree with Sharade. Looking at all of these photos made me wonder why I used to envy some of these people when we were all younger. I now realize that we all “Hit da Wall” at some time or another, no matter how famous or rich we are….just try to hit da wall with style and grace (if you can).

  7. Thanks Liz, finaly, some one who understand the wisdom of life, and who is not totaly brain washed by idols who will Hit the wall at the end like every body else, they do the same mistakes like every body else, and even worse, because they are famous, and when they hit the wall they hited a lot harder.

  8. I think this is a great blog. It shows how really shallow people are and obsessed with how they look on the outside. They are fake and obviously unhappy and insecure within themselves. Worst of all, because they are celebrities, they are sending an awful message to the young kids today. Instead of teaching kids to develop their brains and inner beauty they are telling them to chop up the face and body and become fake and unreal. Eventually, if they go to far, they ending up looking freaky like Michael Jackson and many others. Shame on all of you who mess with what God gave you. AND, can you imagine how many people can be fed or helped with all that money that’s spent on plastic surgery. What a horrible shame.

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