Lisa Rinna


Here we go again.  Another case of a one time gorgeous celebrity going to far with the fakeness.  Now I know some of you will say that Lisa Rinna looks good and blah blah blah!!  Take a closer look and you’ll see that this is becoming a freak show.  And what is with those lips!!!  I believe NASA is testing them to see if their is intelligent life on them.  Bottom line…. celebrities just don’t know when to stop.  Instead of Lisa Rinna gracefully bowing out of show business, she chose to turn herself into a fun house clown right before our very eyes.

Another hottie bites the dust!!

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7 responses to “Lisa Rinna

  1. yikes
    looks like 2 different people

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  3. i love the fake rack

  4. let’s not sit around and jack our phat dix all night about it, shall we?

  5. Wow, didn’t realize she used to look cute.

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  7. She was very pretty. but she still looks attractive, totally different person though.

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